About Us

Who are we?

Started by ordinary gym rats, the Muscle Hoodies crew is not your typical set of workout aficionados. We come in all shapes, sizes and levels of workout skill. Started by a workout vet, founder Anna wanted to create the positive community she wish she had when she first started working out 12 years ago. Using her knack for innovation, she created a gym hoodie that combats the toxicity of the fitness industry and encompasses everything she ever wished for. As the company took off, she recruited a few friends on the way. We hope that as the Muscle Hoodies family continues to grow that you come along with us for the ride and the endless support for your own journey!


To be the TRENDY, COOL & SUPPORTIVE best friend of the gym industry.

Our Mission

To create a POSITIVE & INSPIRING community for gym lovers of all shapes & sizes.

Why get a Muscle Hoodie?

What comes after you toss those sweaty workout clothes in the hamper? Ordinary clothes? No thanks! Who's going to know you just KILLED that workout? This is why you need to let the WORLD know that you are a force to be reckoned with! Let them know with a Muscle Hoodie on your back.